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7 Ideas for Creating Memories with a Mother-Daughter Trip

Perhaps you were like me, and haven’t been on a trip with just your mom since you were a child. Or, perhaps it’s just been too long. We took a cruise together & it was nice having her all to myself for a week. Do you need to create some new one on one memories with someone important to you?

My mom & I snorkeling in Cozumel – December 2016

Maybe it’s a mother & son, mother & daughter, you and a best friend, or any combination.  Maybe it’s dad & daughter, dad & son.  I don’t want to limit these ideas to just us ladies.  All relationships need connection.  And these one on one trips are absolutely SO SPECIAL.

Here are 5 of my 7 awesome trip types for Mother-Daughter Getaways (or other types of 1 on 1 trips!) for you.  This is a shortened list (to keep my email a reasonable length)… and if you click the link

#1 – Relax in the Caribbean Trip

Caribbean Cruise – If an ocean cruise is something your mom enjoys, a Caribbean cruise can’t steer you wrong. Visit the Western Caribbean on your mother-daughter cruise to see Mexico & Central America.  If you’d like to visit Aruba, Curacao, and Barbados, you’ll want to choose the Southern Caribbean.  But if you want to visit the US Virgin Islands and Bahamas, make it an Eastern Caribbean cruise!

#2 – Bucket List Trip

Paris – Who doesn’t love the thought of strolling the Parisian streets during a fantastic mother-daughter trip of a lifetime?  Visit the Arc de Triomphe, have dinner in the Eiffel Tower, shop, eat, and drink.  Enjoy museums, visit Notre-Dame, visit the Palace of Versailles, & who could forget? The Moulin Rouge!

#3 – Family Heritage Trip

Wherever your family is from – For me, my mom’s side is, at least as far as I know, primarily Irish. My mom and I are probably going to do a trip together to Ireland within the next couple of years.  There, I personally want to kiss the Blarney Stone, see the amazing west coast shorelines in the Ring of Kerry, and in Dublin check out the whiskey distillery!  (I’m not a beer girl – but if you are, you’d want to visit Guinness there!)

Ireland, Photo by Elias Ehmann on Unsplash

#4 – Culture or Food & Wine Cruise Trip

Danube River Cruise – River cruising is a great way to enjoy luxury, history, culture, wine, food, castles, & just some great downtime.  Explore during the day and relax afterwards onboard. With ports of call like musical Vienna and curious Budapest, you’re going to have the most incredible memories!  Mother-daughter river cruising is right on point to reconnect!


Sandeman Wine Tasting on the AMAWaterways Douro river cruise

#5 – Big City Trip

London – There’s nothing quite like the city of London for a mother-daughter trip. You’ll be able to visit the legendary Beatles memories, and if you or mom are a Downton Abbey Fan, you can go see Highclere castle for the day! Of course, there’s the London Tower & Crown Jewels, Hampton Place where Henry VIII spent a lot of time, Kensington Palace where royals currently live and have lived, among a tremendous amount of other well-known bucket-list items can be found.

London at Sunrise, Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash

#6 – Spiritual Pilgrimage Trip

Israel – The known epicenter of so many faiths worldwide, Israel would be a wonderful mother-daughter trip to take! In fact, I’m going there soon with my mother-in-law! I’m so excited as a Christian to see where Jesus walked, SEE the Sea of Galilee, among other things. This type of trip is said to be life-altering – believer or not.  (I’ll be sure to share after said trip!)

Jerusalem, Israel

#7 – Unique Adventure Trip

Cruise the Antarctic, Take an African Safari, Take a River Cruise in Asia, Cruise on a Real Sailboat, Visit the Galapagos, or Enjoy a Rail-Based Vacation!  The world is full of possibilities!  This is what excites me about travel. Not every destination and type of trip is right in front of us all the time to explore. Consider there are SO many incredible types of trips you CAN take!

Top right clockwise: Antarctic cruise, Rail Line Scotland, Mekong River, Sailing Ship, African Safari, Galapagos

Whether you do something close to home, road trip, beach trip, cruise trip, adventure trip – capture these moments while they can be captured – create those memories!

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

Ask your mom, dad, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend – whoever it is you want to spend that special time with – it’s easy to plan this trip.

Here’s how:

  1. Start by asking: Would you go on a trip with me?
  2. Next talk about it: Where should we go? What type of trip do we want to go on? What do we want to see? What kinds of memories do we want to create?
  3. Then, get started!  Get in touch with your travel professional (that’s me!) and I’ll help you put it together EASILY. You just get to enjoy the ride while I handle those details for your convenience.  You can work on the vacation countdown!


Ready to plan your adventure?

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