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How to Save Big Now on What You Need for Your Next Warm Weather Vacation

Depending on your plans, you might be traveling this fall, winter, next spring, or even next summer. But I do know this: the end of the summer is the time to score great deals on your vacation gear!

Whether you’re going to the caribbean on an all-inclusive vacation, taking a cruise, attending a destination wedding, or just taking an adults-only or family vacation, I know few people who don’t love a deal!

Think about it. Unless you live in Florida or some sort of warm all year location, swimsuits for gals and guys alike will be going on sale at least or maybe on clearance.

Sundresses, flip flops, cute sandals are not only full price but often not even available if you try to shop out of season for your vacation if you are not traveling in the summertime.

How about this? Grab some sunscreen now when you see it on a good sale as the stores are trying to clear it out at the end of the summer – just check if it’s going to expire. Also consider if you’re traveling to the tropics from the dead of winter – take it up a notch on the SPF you will wear.

Bug spray? Yes, if you’re going to be going inland on any sort of tropical vacation, you’ll want to protect yourself from those buggers!

Stock up now – and save big for later in the year! And, if you haven’t already done so, contact me to work on your next all-inclusive resort, cruise, exotic, or European vacation now! I’m ready to help and my services are FREE of charge to you!

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