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REAL ID Requirements for Domestic Air Travel Update

Honestly, I have never had so much trouble finding some information on such an important topic in the past year!

I’ve seen on state DMV sites and travel news articles that the REAL ID requirement for domestic air travel had been postponed until October 1, 2020.  I didn’t want to publish any updates about it until I knew FOR SURE that it was on the FEDERAL page confirming.  I just found it!

So here is a recap of my last post with the up-to-date information. No, you do NOT have to rush out to get this new ID or a passport – although personally I always recommend a passport if you’re leaving the country in any way – by cruise or air.

The most basic update to determine if you need a REAL ID or alternate form of ID:

  1. Find out your state’s status by clicking here.
  2. If your state is COMPLIANT or UNDER EXTENSION (this is probably you!), you can fly with your driver’s license within the United States.
  3. At the time of this blog post, each of the 50 US States was either compliant or under extension.  The only territory listed as something else is American Samoa.
  4. If your state is NON-COMPLIANT, you still need a passport or other acceptable ID – here’s the list of what you can use.
  5. Everyone MUST have a REAL ID or passport to fly domestically by October 1, 2020. I would recommend going ahead and getting your new ID sooner rather than later. That way you can avoid any rushes for the new ID or passport.

REAL ID FAQs for Travel:

What is it? After the 9/11 attacks, a law was passed which resulted in this new requirement. Now, you will need either a passport or a REAL ID to fly – even within the US. There are other components to what REAL ID is for, but for our purposes, we’ll simply discuss how it relates to travel.

Should I get a passport or REAL ID?
My suggestion is to get both, but if you do not plan to fly internationally or take a cruise, I’d go with REAL ID. If you plan to cruise, it’s not absolutely necessary to get your passport but I always suggest it in case of emergency. If you plan to fly internationally, you’ll need a passport anyway. I suggest both in case you fly somewhere domestically but forget to grab your passport.

My state is compliant. How do I get one?

Every state has a different price, process, and requirements, so contact your Dept of Motor Vehicles to learn more about what you need to do.
Click to learn about YOUR state’s status

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