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The Power of Positive Travel

Happy Thursday! Greetings from The Ballantyne in South Charlotte. This is a luxury hotel where I’m attending a travel agent conference so that I can learn MORE and serve YOU better! Check out this beautiful hotel:








I may be sharing info that I learn over the next couple of days, so be sure to tune into my Facebook page to find out!  

I thought I’d share a little more 2018 Travel trends – this week, I wanted to share something I saw about the Power of Positive Travel. There was a study done that shows that Travel has a profound effect on young people. Here’s what they had to say:

Travel Makes Young People:
– 75% more confident because of travel & they perform well on different types of tasks
– 43% more likely to be satisfied with their employment opportunities
– 25% more likely to set goals for themselves – and regularly achieve them
– 19% more likely to be happy
– 14% more likely to look for new opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge
– 7% more likely to think outside the box

That’s something, isn’t it? I thought it was really interesting. I hope you found this interesting, too! Until next time!  And don’t forget to join me on Facebook this week!

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