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Tips for Preparing Your Home for Travel

Make sure you’ve covered the essentials before you leave.

I had reason recently to think about those times when you all leave and have a lot to do to prepare before you depart.

Here are some tips and reminders to get you started on your next trip!



  • Cleaning:  
    • A new fresh, clean set of sheets is comforting after you travel home.
    • Clean out the fridge
    • Empty the little cans around your house and if you have kids, check their rooms.
    • Then, take out the trash!
  • Secure Your Home & Your Safety
    • Have your mail held by the USPS so your mailbox doesn’t overflow, indicating you are away.
    • Let a neighbor you trust know you’re leaving, and ask them to bring in any packages for you – and if you really trust them, leave them with a key in case of emergency or to put your packages inside.
    • Secure/lock windows and all doors.
    • Email yourself a copy of the following items (just in case): passport, ID, credit cards, insurance info.
  • Save Energy & Money
    • Make adjustments to your thermostat for while you’re gone to safe but less dramatic temps to save money and be green!
    • Make sure your windows/blinds/curtains are in a seasonally appropriate way to conserve energy based on heat/cool
    • Set up a few of your lights on timers – they don’t cost much and will create the illusion of life as usual.
    • Unplug any heat-based appliances or anything that tends to use more power or stay on all the time, such as printers, coffee makers, heat hair appliances, etc.

Let me help you plan your next adventure – and I’ll send you lots of other helpful tips, and all the details handled in advance for you! 

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