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Top 2018 Flight Tracker Apps

So while you are traveling, I recommend any air travel be accompanied with a copy or info on the flights you have booked on paper (just in case – you COULD drop your phone into the airport toilet or break it or something by accident – but if you work with me you can ALWAYS call me for the info…. from an airport phone I suppose…wow seriously what would we do if something happened to our phones! And by the way, did you know the main plan I usually offer for your trips in protection offers phone coverage?)  Ok sorry about that squirrel moment – anyway, you SHOULD acquire BOTH the airline app AND a flight tracker app.  And for good measure, feel free to look up at the boards at your airport, and as my son recently learned, ALSO check the board over the desk/counter at your gate occasionally to make sure it says where you’re going!

Ok – the best apps to track your flights – not including the airline – and here we go, Dave-Letterman-top-10 style working towards my favorite at the #1 spot! 

#5 – FlightView – This is a free tracker app that is easy to use when tracking your own flight or someone else’s. You can search flights out 350 days in the future and store them, and it’s integrated with your calendar app in many cases. You can also share itineraries by email or text.  You can even put in your reservation numbers, and even a section if you need help or tips for tracking your flights. There’s a free version with ads or a paid one that removes them.

Link to download free version for iOS

Link to download free version for Android

#4 Flight Board – This is the one for you if you like a SUPER SIMPLE interface without tons of details to review. It kinda reminds you of the airport arrival/departure boards:

This covers an incredible number of flights/airports worldwide (16k airports, 1.4k airlines) and is updated by the minute. You can see real-time status of flights and you can also search/narrow things down. For info at a glance for free, download here:

Link to download for iOS (free)

Link to download for Android (free)

#3 Plane Finder Lite/Plane Finder/Plane Finder AR – This isn’t the most robust app… for free. But there are a few upgrade options and it’s high on the list for its overall capabilities. The free version gets you basic flight tracking. The first upgrade (Plane Finder) gets you alerts, airport departure boards, route data.  The AR version will give you the option to point your phone at the sky and see live overlays by an active flying plane showing flight information such as how far away it is from where you are, carrier, flight number, where it’s going, registration of the aircraft, altitude, and speed.

Link to download for iOS (free) – for bonus points, you can get this one for APPLE WATCH, too!

SUPER COOLLink to download Plane Finder 3D!!  ($4.99 for iOS)

Link to download for Android (free)

#2 FlightRadar24FlightRadar24 Website – This is another great app for tracking flights.  This one is also good if you really like to know the facts and figures about the aircraft itself since that’s included. Also included are features such as airport by airport arrival/departure boards, status of flights, what aircraft are on the ground, weather conditions, and current delay statistics. There are several upgrade options so you can get extras like flight history up to a year, flight stats (altitude, wind, speed, temps during a flight), air traffic control boundaries info, detailed life weather maps which show rain and clouds, oceanic tracks & aeronautical charts, pathways that flights follow in the sky, filters and alerts on flights you’re curious about, vertical speed, squawk, serial number & age of aircraft, and a few other odds and ends. Very detailed if you’re “that” type of traveler.  🙂  I don’t happen to be, but I don’t judge. You be YOU.

Link to download for iOS (free)

Link to download for Android (free)

#1 FlightAware Flight Tracker – This is definitely my go-to. You can count on it being accurate, easy to use, free, and you get tons of great info on YOUR flights that you’re tracking. Set up by flight number OR route.  Get info about gate info, up to date arrival/departure times, where’s my plane right now, and I like to use it for tracking someone’s flight that I’m picking up from the airport, too!  This app has even been faster than the airline’s own apps for updates in some cases! Also, you can even check out the progress of your flight while flying.  Great all around. This is why it’s my TOP flight tracker app for 2018 – at least so far!

Link to download for iOS (free)

Link to download for Android (free)

These genius app developers are always putting together great new travel apps to help us out as we travel to give us confidence, information at our fingertips, and a great heads up on any changes!

Let me know what YOUR favorite flight tracker apps are in the comments!

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