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Travel Insurance

DETAILS about the recommended coverage with Allianz Classic with Trip + Coverage:
Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance Protection Products

Why Get Travel Insurance?


  • The average cost to evacuate you or your loved ones back to the United States averages at $80,000.
  • In July 2015 alone (not the entire year), 10,881 flights were cancelled¬†& 173,720 flights were delayed.
  • Most health insurance plans limit coverage for out-of-country medical expenses to emergency related costs and sometimes it doesn’t even cover out-of-country medical emergency transporation.

Some Testimonials that you MUST watch if you are thinking of NOT getting the insurance:

Customer Testimonial – Stuart and Linda from Allianz Global Assistance USA on Vimeo.

A Travel Agent’s Experience – Mary’s Story from Allianz Global Assistance USA on Vimeo.

Travel Assistance True Story: Bob and Diana from Allianz Global Assistance USA on Vimeo.

Travel Insurance Does not cover reasonably foreseeable events. What does that mean?  CLICK HERE to learn more about what Allianz says about that.


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